Using The Power Of Social Media To Make Money In 2018 (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)

Social media is a powerful tool to increase sales, views and even exposure to you and your brand. Without social media in 2018, you are missing out on a lot of potential exposure and clients finding you. This lesson is going to focus completely on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We are going to go over key metrics that you need to follow and understand when putting yourself out there! We expect that you are looking to either brand yourself or brand your business better with social media.

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Instagram has over 800 million active users who are using Instagram every single week. The target demographic for Instagram is between 18-35 years old. Mainly millennials are on Instagram and if your business is seeking the younger crowd, you will want to focus more heavily on Instagram rather than Facebook, which is predominately older people. Instagram has a lot of free tools that you can use to increase exposure to your personal brand or business. Below we will discuss the ten things that you need to do on Instagram for better chances of being heard/seen.

5 Things To Increase Your Instagram Exposure:

1. Make sure that you take advantage of using a business profile – you first have to set up a facebook page for your business or for your personal brand to have access to this option

2. Use hashtags(#) on every post that you have on Instagram. This will LARGELY increase your exposure to many people who wouldn’t traditionally see your posts.

3. Post pictures every single day. If you don’t post on a consistent basis, you won’t be exposed to every follower that you have as Instagrams algorithm gets smarter.

4. Like and comment on pictures of people in your realm of business. For example, if you are in the life coach niche, you will want to like and comment on other life coach profiles.

5. Make your content engaging. Don’t just post random pictures on your profile and not engage the followers that you have. Post pictures and get creative with every single post to get more likes and comments with gives you a higher chance of showing up on the trending page.


Facebook has over 2.2 billion people on their platform. So, if you do plan on trying to scale your business, Facebook is a must. Facebook has more than 1/4 of the entire world population on it, so don’t come back complaining you can’t find customers. The disadvantage to using Facebook to get your business more exposure is that you are going to need to utilize Facebook Ads to get in front of the right people.  The age demographic on Facebook is older than Instagram, as you can see in the chart below. 

The first thing you are going to have to do if you have not already is create a Facebook Business Page. After you set up this page you are going to need to add all the information about your business and what you are doing so Facebook can classify your page. After creating your page, load the page with content, pictures and anything else that fits your profile of what you are doing. People will not come to your page and like the page if you don’t have content or haven’t already been offering some type of value. Just like sales, it is first about building a relationship with the end customer. Don’t just try to immediately sell them on your product. After you have posts and content on your page, begin thinking about who your customer or ideal person that you want liking your page. Once you have a clear picture of this person, which is going to help a lot, later on, you can move onto the next step.

5 Things To Increase Your Facebook Exposure:

1. Use Facebook ads. Without Ads, Facebook’s algorithm is not just going to rank your page above other paying customers

2. Cross promote your content that you post on Facebook to all other social media accounts that you have

3. Promote your Facebook page on your website so the customers you already have coming to your site will now be apart of your Facebook Page so you constantly engage with them.

4. Make the content that you post very engaging and involve the community of people that you have who like your page

5. Invite all of your friends on Facebook to like your page will be the easiest way to get free likes in the beginning.


Twitter, the smallest of the above listed social networks, has daily users of 330 million. A large majority of Twitter users are between 18-29 years old which accounts for 39% but the second largest group of people on Twitter are between 30-49, which accounts for 25%. Over the years, Twitter has taken a lot of heat if they are able to keep up with the giant Facebook conglomerate. They have managed to fight back and hold some market share of the social networks. Twitter is not for all people and businesses, but I do recommend getting on Twitter and trying it out for yourself.

A key thing I need to mention is that you should not create a social profile on any of these sites and be inconsistent with posting or just stop posting altogether. Stay active on all the accounts that you have for at least 6 months without ruling out any of them.

5 Things To Increase Your Twitter Exposure:

1. Twitter is a voice platform, so you need to be genuine in your posts and engage followers to interact with you. Without engagement and ingenuine posts, you won’t see much growth.

2. Use keywords in every single tweet that you send out. Don’t just tweet random things, have a purpose behind each tweet you send.

3. I recommend using a site like HootSuite to manage your engagement on your profiles that you have. Connect with the right people in your industry and tweet at them and make yourself relevant in conversations by being creative.

4. Connect with the right people in your industry and tweet at them and make yourself relevant in conversations by being creative. Offer VALUE before you ask for money or start selling anything.

5. Connect your Linkedin to you Twitter and connect your Twitter to your Linkedin. This will help increase exposure to both platforms.


LinkedIn is geared towards business profiles and we assume if you are reading this article you are in business or about to start a business. If this is you, you MUST get on LinkedIn as soon as possible! LinkedIn is a powerful business tool to help increase your exposure, find clients and even connect with people you normally wouldn’t be able to connect with.

5 Things To Increase Your LinkedIn Exposure:

1. Create a brand online around what you are doing. LinkedIn is going to focus mainly on your personal brand although you can create a business page on Linkedin as well!

2. Develop rapport by getting clients to give you testimonials on your LinkedIn page. These testimonials you can then add to your website or wherever else you deem necessary.

3. Engage with your own posts. Although you may think this is weird, like your own LinkedIn posts! Why else would they give you the option to like your own posts?

4. Create many value-driven posts for your posts that give people the option to form an opinion in the comment section.

5. Record and share a native video on Linkedin. LinkedIn and all the other social platforms enjoy native videos over shared videos from Youtube or another platform.


In Closing

Hopefully, this was a good jumpstart for you to increase your exposure online and in the digital world. Make sure you are creative with everything you do online to standout compared to the next person. Social media is all about trial and error and you need to just test, test, test.



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