Our Mission

Our mission here at Enhanced Entrepreneurs is to create a community of like-minded people to better enhance our skills and abilities for ourselves and our businesses.

Here at EE, we aren’t looking to sell you thousand dollar courses, or sell you a system to make you millions of dollars. Actually, we are not looking to sell you anything. All the knowledge that you will need to start, grow, and expand your business will be FREE.

This community was built on the foundation of giving resources and tools to entrepreneurs to better enhance their skills and abilities in life and business without hurting our bank accounts.

We want to teach you everything that we know so that you can be an Enhanced Entrepreneur and do what took us five years, in six months!

Join our community that is constantly growing and on track to become the #1 platform for business owners and entrepreneurs!

Our Founders

Dominick Barbato is a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor, business consultant, Youtuber, founder at Barbato Ventures, LLC. Dominick graduated college at 20 and earned his MBA in Organizational Leadership at 21. Currently, Dominick is a part of a few different companies in various industries. Dominick has started 18 companies, 9 of which failed. Dominick continually looked at what he was doing wrong and later learned how powerful his mindset was to his success.

Dominick now enjoys helping others through various forms of content online to enhance thousands of lives daily! Dominick is an avid reader, writer, runner, and world traveler. He loves sharing what he knows to anyone eager to learn. Currently residing in New York, Dominick has set the ambitious mission to help 100,000 people completely change the direction of their lives.

Yassine is a 24 year old entrepreneur, investor, mentor and digital marketing consultant. In the past year, Yassine has generated over 1 Million Dollars in revenue for his clients. He founded his first company Decal Addictions at the age of 16 which he later sold at the age of 20, this business now is under a different entity and has decided to remain unnamed.

Currently, Yassine is the Founder/CEO of SurplusHands.com and Co-founder of EnhancedEntrepreneurs.com , he invests in real estate and purchased his first property at the age of 24. He continues to serve as a digital marketing consultant and mentor of people tapping into the business world.

Yassine enjoys networking and learning about how he can better serve people in a mass scale. He’s a car enthusiast and enjoys outdoor activities.

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