This group is for anyone looking to network with others and make new relationships for yourself and your business.

The right way to network.

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    They weren’t kidding.
    Your network is your net worth. 💯
    The amount of opportunities & offers that have come along the past few WEEKS is shocking.
    What you should know however is that this is something that I’ve built over years & years.
    Most people will go to “networking” events and have a selfish approach of wanting to sell their services/products but this is WRONG.
    We have social media! Wtf are you using it for if it’s not to connect FIRST then sell later? As you read this, you’ll notice how I’ve never tried to sell you anything via message or in person…I’m simply building trust and letting you know who I am and what it is I do.
    This is where I can plug for example what I offer such as Enhanced Entrepreneurs and Surplus Hands
    You see what I did there? I captured your attention…and let you know what I have to offer.
    and ATTENTION is a CURRENCY in today’s world.
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