Finding & Securing Locations For Your Vending Machine Business

If you are interested at all in starting your own vending machine business, I suggest you read till the end of this short lessons. I am going to be going over some key tips that you need to know when you are out locating and scouting new locations for your vending business. If you do not know already, being the vending business is not about the vending machine. The location makes up 90% of your vending business. If you have a crap machine in a crap location, you have no business at all. 

The best thing you want to do when trying to secure locations for your vending business is figure out what areas around you are best with retail stores. For this lesson, I am going to be focusing more on bulk vending machines and the bulk vending business, which includes the smaller machines, such as gumball, candy and toy machines. 

Tip number 1: Always keep your eyes open when going around to locations or local businesses. You never know who needs a machine and who may say yes to helping you and your business.

Tip number 2: Focus on the usual winning locations within vending – shopping centers, malls, bowling alleys, pizza shops, restaurants, banks, bars and even apartment complexes. 

Tip number 3: Approach each location owner or manager with your proposed plan, while trying to sell the BENEFITS not the FEATURES of your machine. 

Tip number 4: Use a locating service, there are many online when you use Google. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start a successful vending business, you can go to the Vending Revolution website, which is invite only right now to get access to various resources to help you grow as well as mentorship!


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