Yassine Jouichate - Partner @ Enhanced Entrepreneurs

About Yassine Jouichate - Partner @ Enhanced Entrepreneurs

Yassine Jouichate is a 24 year old entrepreneur with experience in multiple different businesses since the start of his journey at 16. Currently, he holds the position of CEO at Surplus Hands and Co-founder at Enhanced Entrepreneurs. He's considered to be a top-tier business consultant and digital marketing expert who's helped multiple businesses achieve their marketing goals.

My BIGGEST SECRET REVEALED – How I Easily Got My First Few Clients

My BIGGEST SECRET REVEALED – How I Easily Got My First Few Clients

You know what I decided? Secrets REALLY SUCK! I’m a firm believer in the abundance mentality and today, I’m putting that into action! Fostering an abundance mindset has become widely recognized as beneficial in personal and spiritual development. So to put this in practice, I want to reveal to you how I started getting my […]

The 1 Mistake All New Business Owners Make When Starting Out

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