20 Things To STOP Doing If You Want To Be Successful

1. Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are going to ruin your chances of becoming successful as an entrepreneur or in life. If you continually make excuses for not doing something, you will develop the habit of being someone who makes excuses for everything. Don’t become the person who always has an excuse.

2. Don’t Blame Anyone But Yourself

So many people want to blame other people for their problems in life or even setbacks. People don’t realize that most situations in their lives are based on their actions. Everything that happens to you happens to you because of your reaction.

Reaction + Event = Outcome

As humans, we try to have the least about of responsibility for events or things that happen to us. This is just how we are hardwired since the Stone Age. If you want to be successful and not face large setbacks, take the blame for every single thing that you blamed other people for in your life.

3. Take Responsibly For Your Actions

Taking responsibility for your actions is a large component that is necessary for life. This is similar to not blaming anyone but yourself but taking responsibility is different in the aspect that you must own up to everything in life, even when sometimes you think it was someone else’s fault.

4. Every Minute Counts – Make Sacrifices

This is a powerful lesson to learn, and we hope you enjoy this as much as we do! Every single minute of your life is money that you are wasting if you aren’t doing something productive with it. If you waste 1 hour a day, you are wasting 365 hours in a year! How scary does this sound? I know, it is an eye-opening realization.

Every minute in our life matters and we must take control of our life or our situations will. Take control of your destiny by taking control of your time.

Money can always be made, but time cannot be given back. If you waste any time, say goodbye to it.

Time is our most valuable commodity. So don’t ever say you aren’t rich, because you are rich with time!

5. Try To Be Passionate About What You Are Doing

Being passionate about what you want to do is going to be the most powerful lesson you can learn. Although passion grows as the idea grows, you are going to want to always slightly enjoy what you are creating from the beginning. You have the enjoy the process of what you are creating otherwise you want to, enjoy the end result and what it is going to take to get it.

Try to be passionate about what you are doing in your life and if you are not passionate you are either going to fail or be miserable. I have made this mistake plenty of times. I chase after the next big thing that is supposedly going to make me money. 75% of the time that I was chasing something I wasn’t passionate about and was chasing the money, I usually failed.

I won’t say it is easy to find what you are passionate about, but it isn’t hard also, it just takes time to learn what you like and who are you.

Ponder the things you enjoy doing in your life and create a business around it.

6. Give Up Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can ruin your life, work and even your mental state. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are surrounded by toxic relationships, so it sometimes can be tricky. But, you must stop allowing yourself to be in toxic, draining relationships that are doing more harm to you than good. These relationships that take more energy from you are not good for your life and success. You need to be surrounded by people who are there to boost you up, not rip you down.

Give up the toxic relationships and just be careful of some friends that you have. You are the average of the 5 most people you surround yourself with. Take a look around and identify if the people around you are the people you want to become. If they aren’t pushing you to be better, they probably are inhibiting your chances of success.

7. Fix Your Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits can go hand-and-hand with giving up toxic relationships but also goes deeper. Unhealthy habits are all the habits that we have built over the course of our lives that don’t support a good lifestyle. Things that are unhealthy habits can range from eating chips and junk food to doing drugs, drinking, or even not taking proper care of ourselves.

“Garbage In, Garbage Out”

The things that you put in your body or mind are in direct correlation to who you are in life. If you want to be very successful in life or do something for the greater good of humanity, you are going to want to break ALL unhealthy habits as early on as possible. Sometimes it may be hard to identify unhealthy habits so I suggest researching some healthy habits and seeing if you do these things on a daily basis.

8. Make Sure You Are Enjoying The Process

If you aren’t enjoying the process of whatever you are doing, you are never going to enjoy it. This is a large piece of information that you are going to want to fully digest to understand. The process of building a business takes HUGE amounts of time, energy, and resources. If you don’t enjoy building up a company from the ground up, and the process is miserable for you to do, you are never going to enjoy it. Don’t be a fool and chase the money, this usually will end in misery.

The process is what you want to enjoy. If you enjoy the process of working for a company and helping a company achieve their mission than work for a company. If you can’t stand building a company and handle the large amounts of stress, don’t keep doing it but that acts as resistance for you.

9. Stop Using Social Media

Social media will make you depressed, broke and unhappy with your life. It is as simple as that. You are going to want to either completely eliminate social media or limit your intake of it so that you are more disciplined. I actually wrote an article on what our phones are doing to our brains, you can check that out here and thank me later!

10. Stop Checking Your Phone Every 15 Minutes

This also pairs well with social media and I do not want to get repetitive about anything. I do believe we check our phones way too much each day and this drains our energy because we are continually switching people apps and our brains recognize this as multi-tasking which burns our energy way quicker. Refer back to this article here on our phones and the negative impact they have on us!

11. Don’t Do Drugs

Drugs have become so mainstream lately with the large increase of legalization of Marijuana throughout the United States. Also, alcohol is a drug and I do think people sometimes abuse it. Be aware of your use, and as with everything in life, you want to discipline your intake of most things so that you don’t develop negative patterns in your life.

12. Stop Over-Thinking

So many of us over-think our life and what we are doing every single day. I am guilty of this too and do it more than I want to in life. It is hard not to over-think things when we live in a world of instant access to massive amounts of data in seconds.

If you overthink you are going stress yourself out and it is going to make it harder for you to be successful later on in life. When we overthink we are hurting ourselves in the worst way possible. We are hurting our confidence and our self-esteem.

Be sure to catch yourself every-time you begin to overthink something and just tell yourself it all works out in the end if I continue to be the best person I can become.

13. Stop Being Jealous Of Other People

Social media is a bad instigator of this. So many people scroll through their social media are beginning to be jealous of how good someone else’s life looks online. Hate to break it to you, usually, laid back their life isn’t as good as it looks. Even my online presence online shows I lead such laid-back life, but this isn’t what my life is truly life. Social media just puts attention on the good parts of my life and hopefully, soon I will start to post about my struggles to show you it is not all fun and games.

Offline too, we also are jealous of people and we shouldn’t people. We are who we are, and we need to accept that no matter what and let people be who they are. If you continue to waste time being jealous, thats more time wasted from chasing your dreams or developing your life.

14. Stop Chasing Money & Success

Stop chasing money and success in life. Yes, just stop chasing it. For some people, they are going to like this one. People love chasing money and success because there is a such a thrill and rush in doing it. I have success and I have money, but their was a point where I had no success and money. You know when that was? When I was chasing both. You need to realize money is a by-product of value that you give to the world. If you just chase money and success, you will most likely never achieve. I am sure their are people that have achieved success and money by chasing it, but it is better to focus on the opposite. Focus on the value you can offer the world rather than chasing something that is usually a byproduct of value.

15. Stop Doing it Alone

Stop going after your dreams alone. Stop thinking you can be successful alone. This is another lesson that took me a while to learn and realize in my life. You want to have surround yourself with people that you can either delegate too or that can help you do what you are trying to do. It takes A LOT to build a business and having people around you helping you will make it a lot easier for you.

16. Stop Involving Yourself in The Drama

Drama is the worst thing to involve yourself in your life but billions of people do it every single day, no doubt. Drama is just another way to take the attention off yourself and put it on someone else for a few minutes. Instead of getting involved in drama and other people’s business, why don’t you work on yourself?

Drama will also be a block between you and success. Who cares about Jimmy or Becky’s crappy life? Worry about your life, and your life only.

17. Stop Taking Negativity to Heart

Negativity exists all around us. Not a day goes by that someone is raping someone or there is a shooting somewhere in the world. This is very sad, but is very true. On the other-hand, people in our lives are also very negative towards others if they are miserable with themselves, never take negativity personally and let it ruin your day or life. Forgive people for being negative towards you and move on. This will save a lifetime of sadness.

18. Stop Not Being Present

Being present in your life is powerful for you to . become successful. Although there are points where you need to worry anout the future and plan for it, that does not mean that everyday you need to stress about the future events that will unfold. Pay attention to the present moment because that is all we have. This may sound weird, but it is true. We must become infinitely present in life to truly enjoy it all. If we are too busy stressing the future, we can’t do the things in the present that need to be done to afford a bad future event.

Be Present Every Second.

19. Stop Dreaming, Start Doing

Dreams are good until a point where you actually forget to do the things that it will take to get what you want.  I am going to fill in something our Co-Founding Partner here at Enhanced Entrepreneurs wrote recently about dreaming.

“Get laser focused.

That dream house or that dream car you wanted isn’t going to randomly come to you. You watching videos or searching up your dream apartment isn’t going to get you there, all you’re doing is releasing dopamine deluding your mind to feel that much closer…..but the cold hard truth is you’re not.

You need to sacrifice today for what you want in the future! There is no way around that.

Whether it’s studying for that test, starting your business or taking the extra step to move up in your company. It doesn’t matter.

Happy Monday. Make it a productive one, I know I am.”

20. Stop Putting Some Much Pressure On Yourself

Putting pressure on yourself usually isn’t good. It just causes more stress and worry that you don’t need in your life. Always push yourself to be better and do better, but don’t pressure yourself. If you have to pressure yourself, you are going to stress yourself more than you are going to help you achieve something.

Pressure can be good if it is balanced correctly, but I believe many of us put too much pressure and it ends up hurting really badly. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not stressed about. Although stress is what makes our life have action in it, too much can drain our energy and burn us out.

Be careful of the amount of pressure you put on yourself. Find that balance for yourself. This may take sometime to do.


Closing Thoughts

You now know some of the things you need to stop doing on a daily basis to make you a better person and to get you closer to having a success in your life. Be present, enjoy the process and get off your phone and just be mindful of your life and what you want.





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