10 Ways To Increase Sales On Your E-Commerce Store

With Shopify making things so easy to start, I’m sure you’ve thought or made the decision to start your own online store. Dropshipping alone in the past couple years has become so popular that hundreds of stores have opened with some being very successful and others on the 10th page of google search engines.

Considering there are multiple different options for people to buy certain products on the internet, you need to stand out from your competitors to set yourself apart and close that sale. Following this short list will increase your sales and give you that extra competitive edge to create a successful online store.


The number 1 best way to optimize conversions in your product based business is to test various landing pages. Changing your headline, page layout, navigation, featured products, adding different photos are all different ways to test which will produce the best results.

2. Create a compelling value proposition

State clearly why people should buy from you. Many people will focus on changing colors, layout, font, etc. but they forget however to change what their message portrays, show how they offer the same quality product as their competitors but better in some way.

3. Shipping for free

When Amazon changed their sales structure to free shipping for customers, their sales skyrocketed. Cheap shipping is not free shipping, take the price of shipping and include it in your product, you’ll see a lot more people buying from you.

4. Show contact info / offer live chat support

With people in today’s society wanting everything now and not later, having an instant support area will allow customers to have a closer connection to whom they’re buying from. Visit our tools section to learn more about various instant chat tools such as Dribble or Zendesk chat, both of which i recommend highly. They’re free too!

5. Address uncertainty issues

If a potential customer has never ordered from you, they want to be rest assured they will receive the correct products on time from your online store. Based on your product, create a list of what your customer might consider when ordering from you, will it be reliable? Can I use it outside? Do I have to conduct maintenance every so often? What is the warranty? Can I return it if it doesn’t work for my needs. All of these questions you should be answering directly for your potential customer.


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Now that you know what changes to make, get started! The key to getting a sale is always understanding your customer and being suited to their needs. For example, you must consider how your website is laid out if your product is for people who are above 50 years old or below 20.

You need to make the necessary changes today to get a sale tomorrow.

What has worked for you in the past?

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